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Election fraud: Quietly undermining democracy
Long-time Republican operative named to head Federal Election Commission during 2006 election
by Sharon Theimer, Associated Press

Dec. 15, 2005

WASHINGTON -- Michael Toner, a former attorney for President Bush's election and the Republican National Committee, was chosen Thursday by fellow members of the Federal Election Commission to head the FEC in 2006.

The commission was formed after the Watergate scandal to enforce the nation's campaign finance laws. The chairmanship rotates annually between Republicans and Democrats on the six-member commission.

Toner, one of three Republicans on the FEC, will succeed current chairman Scott Thomas, a Democrat. Danny McDonald, one of the commission's other two Democratic members, will serve as vice chairman next year.

Toner was general counsel of Bush's 2000 campaign and became the RNC's lead lawyer in 2001. Bush named him to the FEC in 2002, and the Senate confirmed him to the job the following year.

During the 2004 presidential campaign, Toner joined Thomas in pressing the FEC to rein in political groups spending unlimited donations in the presidential race despite campaign finance rules meant to keep such money out of federal elections. Other commissioners disagreed with the two about how far the commission could or should go in cracking down on the groups.

Toner and Thomas also have urged Congress to consider overhauling the presidential public financing system, which provides taxpayer money to presidential candidates who agree to limit their campaign spending.

The two commissioners argue the program should offer candidates more money to give them an incentive to participate. Last year's presidential race marked the first time both major party nominees skipped public financing in the primaries.

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Unknown News

Commentary by Helen & Harry Highwater:

Another crony, in another position of power.

I don't know much about Michael Toner, beyond what's mentioned in this article -- he's a loyal Republican, and former attorney for Bush's campaign and the Republican Party.

What the hell else do you need to know?

Unless you know nothing at all about recently rigged American elections, you know what Bush's operatives know:

He's one more crook pretending to keep an eye on the crooks, one more strike against any hope of fair elections in America.

  =Helen & Harry Highwater=

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Election fraud: Quietly undermining democracy

Despite what you may have heard,
the exit polls were right

The 2004 election was stolen --
will someone please tell the media?
If they can disable an election,
what's coming next?

Kerry suspects 2004 election was stolen
John Kerry says he kept quiet, allowed Bush to steal the 2004 election, because he feared his objections would be viewed as "sour grapes."

Sorry, no, we won't buy that canard.

If I'm extremely charitable I can almost forgive Al Gore for yielding in the 2000 election, because the notion that a presidential election might be brazenly stolen by the Supreme Court was something of a surprise. By 2004, another stolen election was no surprise at all, yet Kerry was so milquetoast he wouldn't even make a fuss.

He conceded the election, and the democracy, overnight.

Sincerely and with all due respect to John Kerry, the word for that is 'treason'. Same for the Democratic Party.
  =Helen & Harry Highwater= | LINK
Justice Dept review found Texas redistricting illegal, disenfranchised minorities ... but OK'd by Bush-Cheney political appointees anyway
with comments by Madeline Zane, Rebecca, and Helen & Harry Highwater
And these are the kind of violations of the Civil Rights Act that Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito would legalize, permanently.   =Madeline Zane= | LINK

FBI planted fake candidate
in West Virginia election

with comments by Helen & Harry Highwater

Diebold CEO who "delivered" Ohio to Bush resigns; may face insider trading charges

Diebold voting machines hacked in
Florida test, county vows to switch vendors

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