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Dialogue: Letters to the editor
An ongoing and very active conspiracy

by DanD

February 26, 2007
Re 9/11 and tooty-fruity conspiracy theories

Hey Folks, GET YOUR CONSPIRACIES, right here ... get 'em HOT, get 'em COLD, you can even get 'em with a LOONY TOONS flavor!

Guess what H&H, while I kinda' hate to say it because you may well decide to mentally outfit me (also) with a white, tight-fitting straight-jacket, but James B. is fundamentally RIGHT.

As far as I can tell, it's a quite "open secret" among the "top-end" "ownership society" of the world's Global Corporate Empire, that its elitist function IS in fact aiming to produce in the relatively near future (less
There is, in fact, an ongoing and very active conspiracy in this world that is targeting for primary elimination the greater masses of humanity.

I quite understandably realize now that this grand scheme is so monstrous that most people, yourselves included, summarily prefer not to even entertain it at all.


than a hundred years or so) a planet-encompassing "human die-off."

One time about a year or more ago, I sent you an extensive email that included my own, somewhat meandering, research and commentary concerning the matter. You sent it back to me as received but for the most part unread (I openly admit that I am -- indeed -- not the easiest writer to read!).

As Mr. B. has pointed out, there is, in fact, an ongoing and very active conspiracy in this world that is targeting for primary elimination the greater masses of humanity. I quite understandably realize now that this grand scheme is so monstrous that most people, yourselves included, summarily prefer not to even entertain it at all. Why? BECAUSE THE VERY THOUGHT OF IT IS JUST TOO DAMNED SCARY.

However, as the (quite solid) science and math of the matter stands, human kind only has one of two possible futures that it is irredeemably facing, with BOTH futures leading to a very similar ultimate conclusion. They are:

1) Massive human die-off (including the very real possibility of human species extinction) which is collaterally encompassed by an even more extensive die-back within the greater natural environmental realm of Earth or;

2) A somewhat earlier, self-induced massive human die-off (which also pretty-well guarantees at least a minimal, human species-survival) that predominately avoids or otherwise manageably diverts the absolute worst of any more all-encompassing die-back of the globally encompassed, natural environmental realm.

What Mr. James B. is encountering with you and pretty-much every body else is a very human pattern of behavior that I had earlier come to recognize (and ultimately accept) in most people. Actually, I can even see the "wisdom" of it all. Since they can't really do anything to prevent or even marginally mitigate such a horrible scenario other than just let it happen, most people simply choose to reject the entire "theory" out of hand without ever even really trying to study, understand, or otherwise verify the likely occurrence for either of these particular futures. Instead, the greater "unwashed masses" of functionally condemned humankind (of which I am a card-carrying member) simply sustain for themselves (mostly by using their own cultural paradigm of "faith") a rather self-serving world view that only encompasses those "realities" that they do (believe that they) have at least some kind of controlling influence upon.

For the most part? Even I have (almost fully) joined in with the rest of all those unwashed masses.

Life ... enjoy it while you can, because the other lone alternative is only to exist in hopeless misery.

Hope it was at least a nice rejection note I wrote ... I don't remember it specifically, sorry. We write such responses probably several times monthly to readers bringing up conspiracies they've somehow gained inside knowledge of, but our responses are rarely written well enough to publish.

There's no doubt in my mind that there are evil conspiracies afoot, unbeknownst to us -- some conspiracies we can plausibly surmise, other conspiracies we can only suspect, and some conspiracies certainly beyond our suspicions. But the website is about things that matter deeply to us, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Conjecture about conspiracies doesn't interest us very much or very often.

Our position is: We have only one life each to live, limited hours in limited days to fight limited battles, so we must choose and fight only the battles most worth fighting. We have to draw the line somewhere, so we draw the line between established dangers and speculative dangers. We worry about the real, more than the imagined.

We could, as many people do, spend lots of time studying what's known and what's suspected about what goes on at the Bohemian Grove -- but that time spent and knowledge gained wouldn't help restore habeas corpus, wouldn't help stop the occupation of Iraq or the coming attack on Iran. To the contrary, time spent researching the Bohemian Grove or the Trilateral Commission is only a distraction from the issues that matter.

It's the difference between the killers killing people, and rumors of killers who might be lurking in the shadows. Sure, it's wise to eye the shadows with caution, and we do. But out in broad daylight Bush and Cheney have killed three quarters of a million people and set up a framework for tyranny in America, and these realities worry me more than the shadows.

Where we draw the line has nothing to do with whether a particular conspiracy theory is "just too damned scary." A hypothetical plot to cull millions or billions from the earth's population isn't any more scary to me -- and really, is it any different? -- than the obvious, inarguable evidence that global warming will cull millions or billions from the earth's population, and that people in power now, people who almost certainly know it, are still denying it.

Our dividing line, between things we worry about and things we don't, is what's commonly called Ockham's razor -- the notion that what's extraneous to any given explanation can be discarded. Bush-Cheney's slaughter and framework for tyranny, for example, are clearly evil and must be fought. Conspiracists speak of an additional layer of evil un-seen, with Bush and Cheney and other world leaders as mere cogs in the plots of Rosicrucians or the Skull & Bones, or some other well-hidden group or groups. And it might be true, sir. We're agnostics on the question.

True or false, though, such behind-the-scenes speculation doesn't tangibly change anything. With or without secret societies in the shadows, people who wish to influence government policies are left with the same alternatives. Protest or speak out, to influence political leaders or public opinion. Or, if you have huge amounts of money, buy a political leader and become one of the shadowy operatives yourself. Or, if you have huge amounts or luck or charisma, become a political leader, or foment revolution (though the odds are you'll be imprisoned or executed if you do).

Even if our daily dose of bad news is actually administered by one of the conspiracies you're worried about, or by a better-shrouded conspiracy you've never heard of, there's no place to petition such secret societies for redress of grievances -- no Skull & Bones Building at which to stage protests against their secret agenda. When the U.S. federal government does something that must be opposed, we still have to oppose what the White House does -- even if some shrouded conspiracy controls the White House -- because there's no effective way to oppose a secret society, nor even a reliable way to know whether what we're told about some shadowy group is true, false, or bonkers.

Envisioning an invisible layer of clandestine schemes and secret societies adds nothing, so Ockham shaves it away.

Helen & Harry

DanD responds


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