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Underground Panther in the Sky

Medusa and the void between Liberation and Fascism

by Underground Panther in the Sky, Unknown News    May 23, 2007

Some say a nuclear weapon is going to go off in Washington, D.C..

What else could W's "decapitation" executive order be about? It says a lot about the conservative mind, actually.

And what if a nuke DID go off in D.C.? I wonder what unconscious forces would be at play? I ask this now, before any explosions, while I have the luxury of asking.

As you read this, remember Hillary Clinton is the "front runner" in the election. .She may be the symbolic catalyst to the "sacrifice". She might not die in the blast, but she might be made powerless by it. That's why I think the nuke on D.C. will occur right before or soon after she assumes power over the phallic-modeled nation we've got here.

There are psychological and archetypal forces at work here. A breath of Thatanos brings a foul odor as scandal after scandal threatens to explode the rottenness in D.C.. You know how sick perverse conservative men who derive power through dick privileges and like their women to serve and be submissive and quiet and non persons -- they really HATE Bill and Hillary even when both share their disgusting "values". Conservatives still bicker about Clinton and call Hillary insults that strangely have male gender component or femDom component. They see her as a monster threatening their rigid order and power. Which makes me think of Medusa. This the monster archetype the conservatives fear in Hillary.

Medusa is literally and figuratively an ambiguous being. She is the only one of the Gorgons that is not immortal, but she is not human either. She's a Zombie. She exists at the gate of Hell, in the twilight zone between life and
Bush changes disaster continuity plan
Washington Post

Excerpt: President Bush issued a formal national security directive yesterday ordering agencies to prepare contingency plans for a surprise, "decapitating" attack on the federal government, and assigned responsibility for coordinating such plans to the White House.

The prospect of a nuclear bomb being detonated in Washington without warning, whether smuggled in by terrorists or a foreign government, has been cited by many security analysts as a rising concern since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. ...


New rural business pitch:
Work outside of
D.C.'s fallout zone

Washington Post

Excerpt: In a little-noticed migration with implications for both greater Washington and the valley, several federal agencies, including the FBI, are relocating operations to the I-81 corridor. Helping drive the shift is the government's emphasis on security in a post-Sept. 11 world, which turns Winchester's location 75 miles from Washington into a geographic ideal. It is far enough from the capital to escape the fallout of a nuclear explosion -- a distance often estimated at 50 miles -- but still close enough so that employees can get to the District relatively easily when they need to. ...
It is easier for people accustomed to creating gorgons on purpose to manipulate the world with, to think they can control the world without becoming a fount of a river of death drinking the blood from the Neck of the Sacred Feminine themselves.

Underground Panther in the Sky

death. She represents a void between the visible and the invisible, between order and chaos, cultural stability and the fool. Medusa is an animalized and humanized monster.

Depending on the times, Medusa appears in different forms.. She shows up most often in difficult changeable times. Where knowledge and the belief in order, power structures, the "need" for hierarchy socially and otherwise and the purpose of governance and of civilization itself are being questioned.

Times like right NOW. These 'interesting" times.

Medusa represents chaos subjecting mankind to the sharp claws of nature and changes. This is felt even more by the insecure, as people turn to nature to escape Empire and make changes. This fear of change and others self actualizing by the insecure is the root of the war on Terra!

And what better way to fight the uncontrolled nature of a lot of people seeking actual freedom than to threaten to kill them and kill the terrifying world. Silence it with a nuke. A phallic one big final Bang, to kill all its diverse forms, especially the ones Bush and his ilk do not like.

Consider why these fools built devices like HAARP to control weather, bioweapons to control disease, and with all that control still they lick their chops at Armageddon. That Apocalypse is the "decapitation" of the capstone, as in this social pyramid structure where the frightened mind hides from reality inside social hierarchy, tradition, order, loyalty, religion, obedience, etc. All those "conservative values".

Gouging out the eyes of the people to watch the powerful with secrecy, while the elite are trying to see all of the action below from the security of the floating top of the pyramid, is a metaphor for making citizens live in another dark age while the elites hoard information and withdraw it from people along with power. Like the Dark Ages Church floated above the misery it made and enforced as it pretended to be a refuge for the weary. And rulers create these Dark ages because of their fear of kingless people.

Medusa, if you look at her directly, turns you to stone. Just like if you saw reality in all its chaos, beauty, senselessness, and horror it would make you catatonic through trauma. So the ones with rigid personalities and beliefs believe. When you become the Medusa you can turn the scared to stone. I have reduced the conservative to silence like a stone with my androgynous feline look alone. My feline Medusa.

To deliberately create (D.C.) a golem of Medusa in the form of a million faceless sword waving Islamic hoards, it may include freethinkers with sharp minds, anarchists with sharp tactics. All these evil ones at the ready to cut off the FAKE empire freedom's head, discredit the "leader" and castrate his phallic order. This kind of threat to power hoarders calls forth an archetypal social fear of the female, the engulfing mother, the whore of Babylon, Earth who swallows all things including every "eternal" phallic empire.

With this fear of Empire Disorder or power impotence comes the top down demand fear driven reinforcement of binary genders, the hate of gender benders and homophobia. The fear of ambiguity of A Medusa and her Genderlessness flexibility. Medusa's snaky hair rising on Kundalini fire in the bodies of those seeking freedom, cry to bring down the Goddess wisdom, Sophia.

As this bunker mentality in the rightwing missiles to fuck the "rag-heads" (an unconscious menstruating female reference here). The phallic identified rigid persons worst fear, a menstruating woman, the pilgrims to Mecca cutting themselves with swords. Such small guns but how are they still are capable of destroying the big dick USA?

Conservatives long for death by many chaotic cuts against America the free conservatives come on TV like nest of invisible snakes that hide, harden and strike like Moses's magick stick when America's support for the war goes flaccid.

Self flagellation is not enough sacrifice.

Others meanwhile seek to be free of empire. They do not want S/M. They reject top down domination, its traumatic games of rising and falling, its
Fantasies of forcing another sovereign country submit like a "woman" is the dream of an impotent patriarchal raping dick, romancing the idea of its own desire for hardness.

There's much more than this at Unknown News.
abuse or be abused, its brittle legacy rulers, missiles, paralysis sticks and linear tyranny.

Consider Lady Liberty, with her sharp spiked halo over her wise mind the free thinking, wild and disobedient soul shining out rays of light. The rightwing wants to cut the spikes of our wisdom halos from our heads. Shave off our Mohawks and make us serve as sacrifices.

This war dragging on Iraq is a shaming defeat exampled by America's showy but ineffective arsenal of fuck you phallus missiles thrown around in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So shameful Bush has to time and again play make believe to cover how shriveled up like a turtle in a shell he is as he is as playing "leader". That signature of a Medusa 'castration' scene remains no matter how many socks Bush puts in his codpiece for his theatrical show of hollow declarations of victory.

Blindly he was expecting the people of Iraq forced to flee to the hills of the desert so they wouldn't get fucked senseless by the assault of "shock and Awe". Than to expect Iraqis to come back bearing flowers for the invaders was a pitiful attempt at a declining dominator imposing fantasies caused by fear of his own decline. Fantasies of forcing another sovereign country submit like a "woman" is the dream of an impotent patriarchal raping dick, romancing the idea of its own desire for hardness.

This is a pathetic attempt of a bully defeated by himself letting his country be drained like a decapitated corpse flowing blood into the bowl placed by the guillotine. Bush fears a million little vampire snakes in the mountains of Iraq. But that dying snake is HIMSELF. That dying is within. The phallic fetishist conservatives wail, We must not stop the Iraq War, even if it destroys Our Empire. They sense they are already like bloated corpses (hence in a roundabout way comes the rationales for SELF DECAPITATION of the nation.)

The bomb threat to D.C....

The conservatives, rather than co existing with the different and better as equals, would rather die and turn to stone than relate without the phallus big stick to bash others down. Losing their phallus stick terrifies the bully boys! Can you say castration anxiety?! Suicide, to these conservative psychopaths, is preferable to self-actualizing and becoming a "raggedy headed" Medusa hanging out in no man's land. So conservatives dig in their heels and become fascists!

The goal of D.C. decapitation (the D.C. bomb) is to make Americans face what the leaders think is controlled chaos, so people will "toughen up", get defensive, fear the wild inside, stand up tall, and beat the demon of ambiguity back with a stick or missile (phallus) of certainty inside, which is a blindness. Control freak leaders create the conditions where the people may be made to want security enough to fear self-sovereignty (freedom) and crave order and again tolerate the psychopaths wanting to dominate them and erect another culture around a dick-head to lead them into purging the inferiors and building another pyramid with their frozen character armor.

Exploiting a catalyzing event, the right-wing thinks it can con people to justify capturing and lobotomizing the free thinking counterculture.

The countercultural and ultraculturals are fast becoming too intelligent to be controlled. With the net they've gotten too aware of manipulation and the secrets of power to be fooled by religion or patriotic display anymore. But instead these rebels seek their own way to the mysteries (gnosis). They are too free to not recognize lies from truth anymore, too wary to not question rules and rulers now.

The Medusa the right fears is also at home, the Anarchist element. Hence all the nonsensical spying on environmentalists, artists, Quakers and vegetarians, women's rights groups, Food Not Bombs, and of course anarchists and reporters.

This D.C. decapitation order is aimed at restoring the rule of the conservative mind. Creating character rigidity in people through trauma, as they convince people to seek solace from suffering in a place of control or consumerism. Because the conservative knows his own kind of mind seeks strong leaders and they secretly want to be free of responsibility, they are eager to cut off their own heads to believe and follow a leader.

And when they feel the intelligence, wisdom and creativity of others shining around them, these men feel inferior. They feel impotent. Revenge is the conservatives' second desire, for their personality structure makes them envious of free people. A D.C. bomb will justify much in the minds of those among us who fear the wild, the free, the anarchy of self-actualized people who will not bow down. Psychopaths and bullies among us are happy, eager... planning to act out their sadism and get away with it.

An event like a D.C. bomb would serve several functions. One is an excuse to impose dictatorial order. Second, to lock up the dissidents (Muslims, radicals, anyone odd ... the Medusas) scaring the rigid authoritarian personalities convinced society is falling apart. A D.C. bomb would provide an excuse to impose involuntary servitude and create a desire for fascism in the traumatic cognitive dissonance of disaster. Watch for voluntary servitude of "the in group", and destruction of "the out group". It worked for Hitler.

9/11 was a test to see if the psychology of fascism was gone or not. A few things, like french hating and freedom fries, tested the cultural boundaries against mass acceptance of fascism. And if Hillary or Obama is elected, the right wing will know they must make drastic demonstrations of ruin as an excuse and threat, to keep people under state control. It is easier for people accustomed to creating gorgons on purpose to manipulate the world with, to think they can control the world without becoming a fount of a river of death drinking the blood from the Neck of the Sacred Feminine themselves.

Medusa can be a woman, but she is also male -- an androgyny. Etymologically, Medusa means "female wisdom", the female mysteries of past, present and future. She brings us back to the source, the source of life and the source of truth, and death sweeping away all of our illusions. This same kind of attribute is applied to my favorite Goddess, Sekhmet. She kills with plagues yet she is patron of physicians. Sekhmet consorts with Demons yet she is called upon in Exorcism. She even has a knotted lions mane. One of Sekhmet's titles is The Source.

Psychoanalysts tend to place all responsibility within the observer himself. Following this line of thought, Medusa is a projection of one's own psyche. She is the self, which cannot be looked at fully without accepting some scary irrational or crazy side of oneself. (Bush can admit no mistakes he can't bear to look at them, but he sure makes a hellofalot of them.)

The goal underneath the whole pyramid shaped power structure of American culture is the realization of an impossible: absolute control over life and death. Conservatives seek to control the frontier between the infinite and mortal by means of misusing power, exploitation with involuntary servitude couched socially as "voluntary servitude" and technology. Conservatives want to conquer the Goddess by proxy through absolute domination and control the source of life and death of the Medusa, and cut off the head of the mother. Which is only possible by removing the voices of the terrifying effect on fearful insecure people that seeing counter cultural, liberal, pagan, ecstasy seeking, tattooed, lesbian and gay Medusas brings about.

The free thinkers on the other hand, those Medusas rising want to ERASE the gap between life and death through pursuing and sharing self actualization and gnosis because of their promethean nature.

In order to attain this conquering and exalted status one must at all times be prepared for Medusa's arrival to raise hell. And what better way is there for Bush to reach his goal than to create the Medusa himself -- call it to show up whenever he is willing to look powerful to those convinced of their own powerlessness? (Notice how terror alerts come on cue whenever Bush's hegemony is threatened?)

So how to get the conservative mentality intact out of this medusa trance? How to return potency to this dick-head administration?

Why, a decapitation of the Capitol, D.C. a De Capitation of the medusa he fears will create De castration of his power over freedom and life and death.

When he parades bin Laden's head on a stick to "declare" his triumph over his made up Medusa (which is his own impotence, cowardliness and selfish vanity, and this unconquerable, indomitable world) attitudes will change, especially after a catalyzing event like D.C. being nuked and all the Democrats are dead and the "shadow government steps in to "restore order"... (the end goal of Bush's war on terror).

And where's Osama bin Laden? Waiting in a bunker safe from harm, and Bush knows where, because Bush created him. He will bring him before the public when the public is most helpless, and symbolically decapitate him. So we identify with Bush and his fake potency and the right goes on to attack and cage the counterculture, the foreigners, etc.

But the Republican Party is caught in their own trap here. They look back and find Medusa is always coming to get them, so Bush et al talks up terra on TV. Only the right wing is listening. Yes there is (blow back). When the medusa he has created comes to America , every time, Bush is paralyzed to stone (remember Bush sitting on his ass on 9/11, reading about a hungry goat?). Bush's creation of the false medusa, the fake threat of terror, to negate the medusa of freedom, has marked the end of his career. His name will forever be associated with the ruin of Empire America, and the establishment of fascism. If Bush nukes D.C. he will forever be seen as another Hitler, another historic asshole.

But liberty is a "healthy Medusa", represented as a lady with rays of light around her head, a spiked crown, a liberty spiked Mohawk if turned the other way. Hence anarchy or anti-domination. Remember, Medusa was once beautiful until her vanity got a curse thrown at her. Think of how vain our culture is, how self-absorbed. How their minds lack sharp points that cut the bullshit to protect itself from the dominator and manipulator.

Medusa represents this whole world, of death and life, a cyclic vision of the world, as opposed to the linear world view of the patriarchy. The two opposite conflicting world views are shot through our culture, and that is why, for me, Medusa stands for the necessity of a cyclically conceived world. Medusa is a mortal goddess who knows the sorrowful secret of humanity, and death. The very thing men who seek to live forever or create a grandiose legacy fear and try to control the most. By controlling women and fighting against the natural cycle of loss of potency through age.
Ten years ago it seemed possible to destroy language through language: to destroy language which normalizes and controls by cutting that language. Nonsense would attack the empire-making (empirical) empire of language, the prisons of meaning. But this nonsense, since it depended on sense, simply pointed back to the normalizing institutions.

What is the language of the 'unconscious'? (If this ideal unconscious or freedom doesn't exist: pretend it does, use fiction, for the sake of survival, all of our survival.)

Its primary language must be taboo, all that is forbidden. Thus, an attack on the institutions of prison via language would demand the use of a language or languages which aren't acceptable, which are forbidden. Language, on one level, constitutes a set of social and historical agreements. Nonsense doesn't per se break down the codes, speaking precisely that which the codes forbid breaks the codes. This is why I identify as Underground Panther in the Sky, a genderless horned winged rainbow panther person made of lightning and rainbows.

Mayans have a decapitation myth too that may figure in -- the deity God Aprime (ruler/archon) and the Hero Twins (good and evil). One carries an obsidian knife, which is the instrument of self-decapitation, and the other, the tri-pointed handstone -- a pyramid. To cut off the Capital or capstone symbolically is to literally cut off the head of society and blind it to its own actions and desires. So society will galvanize to the anti Medusa Medusa. A phallic "leader" A DICK tator giving permission from responsibility so through the people the dictator will unleash the unconscious Medusas to act out death of the free trapped under that pyramid pressure cooker known as fascism.
Chinnamasta (She Who Has Cut Off Her Head) is one of the most interesting goddesses in the Hindu pantheon. In images of Chinnamasta, she is often shown standing (or sometimes leaning) on a couple having sex. (The couple leaned on usually is Kama, the god of sexual desire, and his wife). This image juxtaposes sex and death, symbolizing how that life feeds on death.

. And relentlessly has mankind sought freedom from bloody clawed nature. Sex without death. Ancient people were spared harm from nature hiding in caves in conical mountains long ago, somewhat. And then later as buildings became safer and technology began to repair bodies, civilization came about, and mankind hid himself from his true natural self ... the life and death of it all in the social hierarchy in the shape of a pyramid. Which if corrupted can become a pressure cooker of control.

This kind of situation was set up by leaders so the elites could live without the intrusion of reality and suffering upon their opulent decadent worlds, existing only in the tip of the pyramid held up by billions of captured live never actualized serving to feed the life blood of the Earth upwards into the phallus of this patriarchy. To end up erecting a stone monument for a dead leader who seeks to live forever. But only turned to stone.
To decapitate D.C., is to cut off the head of Lady Liberty herself .Those Medusas in our system castrated the Twin Towers. And so this Administration, which thinks it has such power and control, will try to fuck us all in the head until we lose our senses about our place in the pyramid world, and in nature (we create as we destroy in conflict with ourselves and each other in crisis).

If D.C. gets nuked it means we are cast out of this society. By necessity our choices will be to either fight -- cut off the monster's head, and blind enemies with it (psychopath option), or flight -- run away blind, go into denial, or lose our heads), or freeze -- turn to stone. The ones who survive will face reality as ugly as it is, mourn for the Medusa, identify with it and integrate their understandings of what caused this situation with the inner and outer Medusas. So they no longer evoke fear, and turn into a beautiful lady of freedom. What you DO with her tells a lot about what YOU are.

The Dome of the Capitol is an INVERTED Chalice, a bowl that either hides light from others... or a cup overturned continually spilling the blood of innocents by corruption of power. And so to keep power Bush & Co might fuck us all in the head, spinning lies and propaganda and inventing terror to fight.

If D.C. gets nuked, those of us who understand reality will face the best but hardest option. We must seek to see what caused this, with the inner and outer Medusas, so the real Medusa no longer evokes fear, submission or grants power. This means accepting cycles of helplessness and strength, and it is not weak to need help or help others without fear. It means maybe a breakthrough of true brotherhood, the birth of a true King-less Generation.

© by the author.


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