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Underground Panther in the Sky

Cognitive liberty or compassionate coercion?

by Underground Panther in the Sky, Unknown News      June 2, 2007
Cognitive liberty or compassionate coercion?
Can you remember the difference?
Not if the government has anything to say about it.

Our cognitive liberty is a HUGE civil rights issue, and mostly ignored.

Empathy is the key to social intimacy and power sharing in relationships. Destroy empathy, you destroy humanity 's humanness and all you are left with is a flesh machine.

One characteristic of a machine is it is OBEDIENT to whomever programs it, and it obeys its programming.
It has no choice. A machine is coerced to perform. Or it does nothing.

A person, however, is a whole different animal. To make a machine out of a person you have to take the original personality out of the person by making his life crazy and painful, by breaking it, than remaking it. The military does this with every recruit it trains, or more accurately, abuses.

Abusers and cults share that method of break and remake. People seeking domination over people are willing to go to extremes we dare not consider, to get their flesh machine's loyal obedience.

Brain implants

The Department of Defense, as I have written about before, seeks to make soldiers able to kill people on command, without regrets or remorse, so they can face the battle without getting PTSD, which is damaging and costly to the people who would rather spend money colonizing other countries, breaking, and remaking more people and gathering corporate welfare.

The politics of pain and the uses of torture

Scientists are developing drugs that could
eliminate traumatic events from our memories

Would it be wise to remove a person's feelings of remorse after they did a crime, even with permission of an authority figure, with a chemical? Hell no. In 2002, the Office of National Drug Control Policy coined the term "compassionate coercion". "Compassionate Coercion? Is that like Compassionate Conservatism? or Friendly Fascism? Means the same thing to me. Regardless of whether the perpetrator hurts me with a smile, pretending like he "cares" for my wellbeing, or with a sneer -- the results are always the same.

Bush recruits religious youth groups
as ground troops for the 'drug wars'

Coercion or the willful and deliberate disregard of another person's right to give or deny their own consent by using manipulation, by censoring information, or by bullying is never compassionate, and it is not ethical. Ever. The option to say NO, I do not want what YOU offer me is a cornerstone of cognitive freedom in a social 'relationship'.

Coercion (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Coercion is defined as the use of force
to restrain, dominate or threat

I am certain that the DoD has more than one motive for developing drugs to destroy memories that induce guilt. Trying to cure PTSD with an eraser may also destroy human sensitivity, empathy, and I think it is a BAD IDEA. Because a guilt-free population is what the most sneaky and ruthless sociopaths would love to have.

If we don't remember, how can we feel remorse for what we could have done in a bad situation when we could have learned from it? How would we know how to respond the next time a similar situation arises and we fail again to act to help and others suffered for our inaction and we'd forget it and feel no guilt for this? Exactly HOW would this help humanity protect itself from predatory people?

We build our whole interpretation and understanding of the world based upon experience, or on the accuracy of our memories. If you disrupt those memories, remove continuity, what you have is an erosion of person-hood. You dissociate from your own experiences you basically get all the amnesia of PTSD without ever knowing the painful reasons of WHY you are suffering a seperation from yourself. Finding out what hurts is a step to healing the problem.

And if we start using a drugs to erase conscious recall in PTSD patients, it only makes sure nobody remembers all the war crimes, the torture done, the abuse. Nobody who does these things will be made accountable for their crimes, because no-one will recall. Everyone will sound like Alberto Gonzales testifying to Congress...

Someday you may be able to take a pill to forget painful recollections

Making monsters

There are grave dangers to forgetting experiences that hurt, dangers to the non-sociopath population, which is about 3/4ths of all of us on Earth. Non-psychopaths are the only people who have a conscience because they can feel GUILT over doing bad things to others.

Abuse to a child creates misplaced guilt can cripple the adult later on. So if a psychopathic adult tortures a child, they do it by abusing power over in some way. It can be done by inflicting psychological or emotional abuse or neglect. To create the effect of boundary disruption, it does not require sexual abuse or beatings, so they might become an adult who has unclear boundaries.

What your child remembers --
New discoveries about early memory and how it affects us

Developing healthy boundaries

It all gets worse if society is in denial. Normalizing toxic people and relationships denies their prevalence and pain. When the caregivers are too self-absorbed and the kid is scarred by a memory they dare not express, the kid will take on the guilt that should belong to the abuser. Because a young child blames them-selves by default. Because non-psychopath kids are compassionate, because they need to bond with others to survive they do this.

The significance of infant bonding in the
development of self and relationships

Understanding preemie parents

Children reflect the treatment they receive

A baby and many other animals will die if it is not cuddled and treated with love. Its brain shuts down. Babies and kids are seeking to create bonds to other people by nature, so abuse or neglect, rejection or taunts by caregivers, peers or trusted adults who are narcissistic, psychopathic or authoritarian will twist that compassion inward as guilt and shame for something that never was the child's fault.

Abuse can give the child the feeling compassion is dangerous. Or that love hurts.

Children who blame themselves for domestic abuse

How do kids feel?

The individual and the community

So is forcing people to bond and supervising what they do, as in compassionate coercion, a sane way to create a 'community'? No. No more than democracy can come from the barrel of a gun.

"Community" by coercion: Behind the Bush administration's "compassionate conservatism" and revolutionary foreign policy
is a dangerous collectivist ideology called "Communitarianism"

Our culture sees individual pursuit of self-happiness as a sacrosanct right. Most people have no clue what it IS they seek, and the market takes FULL ADVANTAGE of all types of human suffering and repackages it. Pursuing this fake self-happiness that our culture promotes gets in the way of developing true compassion for others' plights and joys. It interferes with the trust and honesty needed to let people be who they are, without destroying them to form 'communities' with them. Self-happiness feels good to the self, and true compassion feels pretty damn bad sometimes. But sometimes it can feel very good. Good or bad, it has to come from the individual's own heart, from their own true compassion, not from state CONTROL wearing a mask of compassion.

Compassion of the mind

Through painful experiences of cognitive dissonance facing abuse is one factor confusing boundaries in our culture. Self-blame is a child's way of protecting itself from predatory people by pleasing the abuser, by becoming a perfect child, or becoming a protector against all odds, or shrinking and making themselves invisible -- to avoid more abuse and to be able to exist being dependant on people it needs, and whom the child is hurt by at the same time. Sorta like how we depend on the state and corporations, but do not trust or like their abuses, and we try to eke out a living without going over the edge.

It is the non-psychopath personality types who need to have clear self-protective boundaries to protect themselves and each other's well being from people determined to coerce them out of being who they are, to control them. So forgetting the hurts done to you in the past basically erases not only symptoms, it also erases the emotional force behind the why of why someone would want to erect a personal moral barrier against abusing others or make a decision to not go by-standing while others get abused.

Healthy non-psychopaths' boundaries are mostly regulated internally , by a conscience, and it effects their behavior in external relationships in a positive, pro-social survival way. If the person breaks his own rules he might feel shamed by himself -- and not do it again. When a person's boundaries are messed up from abuse before the child could form their own boundary system, the person does not know what to do with their own compassion. They freeze and stand by, unsure of where the boundary IS, and wait for someone else with an authoritative stance to take the responsibility or "lead" the response.

If boundaries are non-existent as in psychopathic personalities who also happened to have been abused, then abuse, by-standing, and crimes will occur without the guilt, remorse, or any self-restraint beyond how to get away with the crime.

Self-responsibility and laissez faire

US use of psychological torture systematic and unabated

The inequalities revealed by death

Non -psychopaths are the only people who CAN restrain the damage these toxic personalities cause. And acting on the compassionate urge to intervene in an abuse situation it isn't always something that evokes feel good feelings. I can be like diving off a cliff into an unknown situation.

So of course to get away with abuse, psychopaths want to make everyone be like themselves and not care what people do.

Will a happier future be a nastier future?

Psychopaths do everything they can to ensure they do not have to deal with social boundaries or consent. They fancy themselves elite, and they are ruthless and manipulating of non-psychopaths and kids who have had no chance to learn boundaries. Psychopaths from the beginning of time have declared open season on the non-psychopaths. Psychopaths like to get away with abusing others in every way one can be abused, so if people are drugged to never feel guilt or remorse when others suffer, who will care enough to stop a psychopath from abusing someone or abusing privileges in a position of authority?

Toxic managers: The problem of corporate psychopaths

Consent or Coercion: An anarchist case for social
transformation and answers to questions about anarchism

Guilt and remorse have a important social survival function. They really do, they stem from thwarted human empathy, and they enable us to control ourselves on the inside, so we can co exist without destroying each other on the outside of self, in relation to each other in the world.

In other words, non-psychopaths self regulate their own ethical boundaries. Only giving one's inner locus of control to an authority figure can blind a soldier to the murders he commits in war, so once the responsibility is shifted back to the soldier's conscience, and he might develop PTSD, not only from trauma but from guilt, when he realizes obeying orders from authority figures won't negate his own moral responsibility as a human being.

Sociopaths or those personalities who do not feel guilt or remorse for their actions are predators upon all non psychopath people. If you take away guilt and remorse you chemically create a criminal, from a non toxic personality, literally. I dunno about you, but to me that's some scary shit.

Narcissism:  an innate force or tendency opposed to relationship and community. Without empathy no relationship can fill the poverty of a narcissist's inner life. Without reciprocity intimacy perishes.

Touch in labor and infancy

Supermaximum security prisons, sensory deprivation
and effects of solitary confinement

The science of evil and its use for political purposes

Because the definition of power as the ability to compel obedience fails to distinguish between coercive and non-coercive means of securing obedience, it is imprecise and potentially misleading.

Psychiatric coercion serves the drug corporations and the ruling class, not patients

'Soul catcher' computer chip due

Immortality, capitalism-style

Some are born psychopaths.

Twins study finds genetic cause for psychopathy

Biological brain differences found in criminal
psychopaths when processing facial emotion

Others might be made psychopathic:

The rise of the chemical soldier

Beyond therapy: Biotechnology and the pursuit of happiness

Fake your way to the top!

Compassionate coerciveness and neurotechnology

In this world, I have not found any true friend. The whole world is attached to its own happiness, and when trouble comes, no one is with you. Wives, friends, children and relatives - all are attached to wealth. When they see a poor man, they all forsake his company and run away.

The institutional separation of society

The evolution of psyche and society

 Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one. You need one because you are human. You didnít come from nowhere.
Jane Howard            

Excerpted from "I'm not in Love," by the Talking Heads:
... Feeling!
Take it easy baby...
Don't let your feelings get in the way.

Some day, I believe,
we can live in a world without love.

I can answer your questions,
If you won't twist what I say.
Please respect my opinions,
They will be respected some day.
Because we don't need love.
I believe that we don't need love.

There'll come a day when we won't need love.

. The death of intimacy

© by the author.



Underground Panther in the Sky

If we don't remember, how can we feel remorse for what we could have done in a bad situation when we could have learned from it?

How would we know how to respond the next time a similar situation arises and we fail again to act to help and others suffered for our inaction and we'd forget it and feel no guilt for this?

Exactly HOW would this help humanity protect itself from predatory people?

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