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Wayne Madsen is not a reliable source.

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Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen is a free-lance writer who publishes Wayne Madsen Report, a subscription-based website that is held in high regard at numerous websites, and occasionally quoted by otherwise reasonable voices on talk radio.

We're just plain un-impressed by Mr Madsen's work. You can take our opinion for whatever you think it's worth -- we're just an office worker and a janitor who publish a news-related weblog with far fewer readers than Mr Madsen's site. We try to adhere to some simple journalistic ethics, though, such as: We don't include "news" we don't believe to be true.

In our in-box there's an endless trickle of communications from folks tipping us off to "important news", as reported by Wayne Madsen. As we write this, Mr Madsen is reporting that Vice President Dick Cheney's name appears on the list of customers of the DC Madam's "escort services". This is awfully big news on a lot of blogs much more popular than ours, but this will probably be the only mention of it at Unknown News.

We won't report it because we don't believe it. We won't believe the claim is credible until it comes from someone more reliable than Wayne Madsen. He's the only reporter reporting this, so  ...

Let's look at Mr Madsen's track record:
♦   Madsen has previously reported that the Saudis and Enron funded the rigging of the 2004 election. To our knowledge no-one else has reported this, and there's no evidence that it's true beyond Madsen's claim.

♦   In 2006, Madsen reported that Karl Rove was about to be indicted. But Rove wasn't indicted, or if he was indicted it remains a secret (shhh) even now.

♦   In May 2007, Wayne Madsen reported that Radar was "started partly with seed money from Mort Zuckerman, one of Bush's toadies in the MSM (mainstream media)". But that's not true.

♦   In July 2007, Wayne Madsen reported that Scooter Libby is a long-time Mossad agent. This remains un-reported by anyone except reports quoting Madsen, so one might wonder, who was Madsen's source? In his report, Madsen cited "an un-named "veteran CIA official cover officer who spoke to WMR (Wayne Madsen Reports) on deep background." That's convincing, only if you've already decided to believe Wayne Madsen.

♦   Madsen once reported that First Lady Laura Bush was so furious about President Bush's long, ongoing affair with Condoleezza Rice that Mrs Bush had packed a suitcase and moved out of the White House. We've read no other reporters' account of this alleged affair, nor seen any evidence that there's anything to it beyond a rumor. Nor have we seen any reliable reports that Mrs Bush moved out of the White House years before her husband did. And as sloppy as mainstream reporting has gotten, we still believe either item would have been pretty dang newsworthy to the Washington Post or Associated Press.

♦   Madsen has reported that President George W. Bush had an affair with a male member of his cabinet. No names were named, and nobody else has yet reported this. There is, near as we can tell, no basis for believing it, unless you're willing to believe each and every word typed by Wayne Madsen.

♦   While the Mark Foley-page scandal was big news, Madsen reported that House Speaker Dennis Hastert was "gay and has a small penis". But again, this was "news" only Madsen and his readers took seriously. Some people might be fascinated by conjecture about the size of a Congressman's penis, but to us that's not hard news.
So, to recap, if you want to believe Wayne Madsen, you pretty much have to believe that Saudis and Enron conspired to steal the 2004 election, that Karl Rove was indicted in 2006, that Dennis Hastert is gay and has a small penis, that George W Bush is gay or bisexual, that Bush and his wife were separated while he was President because of his affair with Condi Rice, on and on ... all this and more, none of it reported elsewhere, all of it based solely on Wayne Madsen's say-so.

At some point, doesn't credulity snap?

And bear in mind, please, that this list of what Madsen's gotten wrong is almost certainly far from complete. Keeping tabs on Wayne Madsen isn't our hobby or our passion — these are just his bogus reports that we remember, a list compiled in about 45 minutes of quick clicking.

Regarding Mr Madsen's latest alleged scoop, reported exclusively by Wayne Madsen but already echoed all across the web, that Cheney is a customer of the DC Madam — sorry, it's almost certainly bull. We've read Mr Madsen's report on this, but again he offers no sources who are willing to go on the record, so again, the only evidence of Wayne Madsen's claim is ... Wayne Madsen's claim.

Is that enough for you? It's not enough for us. Based on Madsen's track record, we don't believe he's a credible source, so his claims mean nothing to us. His reports are so flamboyantly unreliable that we can't take this latest "news" as anything more than a rumor. Our website doesn't traffic in rumors.

We will add, though, that it's a perfectly plausible rumor. Dick Cheney might have been a customer of the DC Madam, and we wouldn't have much difficulty believing it. Plausibility, of course, is essential when telling lies.

Rumor-mongering is not journalism. Even if something sounds plausible, even if you might want it to be true, some guy saying it's true doesn't make it true (especially not if Wayne Madsen is the guy saying it).

Those who believe and even pay for Wayne Madsen's reports are of course free to read anything they wish. We love the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. We don't hate Mr Madsen or even wish him ill, and we suspect that in person he's an interesting character, probably a fun guy to have a beer with. But we're not going to help spread his un-true reports.

We've posted this page so we can reply with a link whenever our email in-box is filled with "news" from Wayne Madsen, so we can stop explaining again (and again and again) why Mr Madsen's "news" isn't included among our website's headlines.

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