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This sticker half-price,
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Basic Fun: Computer Games, Puzzles, and Problems Children Can Write
by Susan Drake Lipscomb and Margaret Ann Zuanich
176 pages, softcover, 1982, so-so condition.
"This easy-to-follow guide can serve as an introduction to any computer which uses the BASIC programming language"       --cover blurb

The Camera Never Blinks
by Dan Rather with Mickey Herskowitz
362 pages, softcover, 1977, OK condition.
Dan Rather needed a ghost writer to write his autobiography.       --H&HH

Christian Boy's Problems
by Bertrand Williams
78 pages, hardcover, 1943, OK condition.
"I pledge upon my honor that I shall treat my body as God's temple ... "       --from Chapter 1

It's Happening: A Portrait of the Youth Scene Today
by J.L. Simmons and Barry Winograd
174 pages, softcover, 1966, so-so condition.
"LSD and marijuana, Bob Dylan and the Stones, a freer kind of sex, anti-Vietnam sentiments, and the proliferation of protest, are shown as only symptoms of deeper-running shifts in the American ethos."       --cover blurb

Prayers to Pray Wherever You Are
by Jeanette Struchen
64 pages, hardcover, 1969, OK condition.
"The author has made a hobby of writing prayers about daily life."       --Foundation for Christian Living

Rambo 3
by David Morrell, based on a screenplay by Sylvester Stallone and Sheldon Lettich
244 pages, softcover, 1988, OK condition.
"John Rambo. The most dangerous man alive. His country has called him once again ... "       --cover blurb

The Unfolding Drama of The Bible
by Bernhard W. Anderson
124 pages, softcover, 1957, OK condition.
"Where we fit in God's plans ... eight studies introducing the Bible as a whole."       --cover blurb

Women in Baptist Life
by Leon McBeth
190 pages, hardcover, 1979, OK condition.
"Should women take leadership roles in the church? Are they to do God's work alongside men or subordinate to them?"       --cover flap

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Like the URL says, this website is about unknown news.

Our news comes only from mainstream, professional journalists or (rarely) other sources we trust entirely, with no nuttiness and no interest in the same news you see everywhere else.

What we believe

We believe in liberty and justice for all, so of course, we oppose many US government policies. This doesn't mean we're anti-American, redneck scum, pinko commies, militia members, or terrorist-sympathizers. It means we believe in freedom, as more than merely a cliché.

We believe you have the right to live your own life as you choose, and others have the equal right to live their lives as they choose. It's not complicated.

We believe freedom leads to peace, progress, and prosperity, while its opposite -- oppression -- leads to war, terrorism, poverty, and misery.

We believe it's preposterously stupid to hate people because of their appearance, their race or nationality, their religion or lack of religion, how they have sex with other consenting adults, etc. There are far more apropos reasons to hate most people.

We believe in questioning ourselves, our assumptions, each other -- and we especially believe in questioning authority (the more authority, the more questions). We believe obedience is a fine quality in dogs and young children, but not in adults.

Like America's right-wingers, we believe in individual responsibility, hard work to get ahead, and stern punishment for serious crimes. We believe big government should not be blindly trusted.

But unlike most right-wing leaders, we mean it.

Like America's left-wingers, we believe in equal treatment under law, war as a last (not first) resort, and sensible stewardship of natural resources. We believe big business should not be blindly trusted.

But unlike most left-wing leaders, we mean it.

Like libertarians, we believe it's wrong and reprehensible to arrest people for what they think, believe, look like, wear, eat, smoke, drink, inhale, inject, or otherwise do to themselves.

But unlike many libertarians, we're not obsessed with the gold standard, we don't believe incorporation is humanity's highest achievement, and we don't believe everything in life comes down to dollars and cents. We've read and enjoyed Ayn Rand's novels, but we understand that they're works of fiction.

We're skeptical, and we're sick of so-called 'journalists' who aren't skeptical at all.

A reader asks, what are our solutions?

We propose no solutions except common sense, which is never common. We like the principles of democracy, and the ideals broadly described as 'American'. The US Constitution is a fine and workable framework for solutions, when it's actually read and thoughtfully understood by intelligent statesmen and women. So, no manifestos from us. We don't dream that big, and if there's one thing the world doesn't need it's yet another manifesto.

Our suggestion is: think.

A fact-based instead of faith-based approach leads to solutions for most of the recurring issues of our time, from abortion to global climate change, pollution to universal health care, careful but real regulation of industry and economy, hunger, war, terror, human rights for humans not for corporations, science not religious doctrine in public schools, equal protection and prosecution under law, etc. Approach problems without glorifying stupidity, without demonizing intelligence, and answers usually come into focus.

These pages are published by Harry and Helen Highwater, happily married low-income nom de plumes and rabble-rousers from Madison, Wisconsin (with a few friends scattered around the world helping out).

We try to spotlight news that hasn't gotten enough (or appropriate) attention in American media, along with our opinions and yours.

We bang our keyboards against the wall, because it doesn't hurt as much as banging our heads.

If you're new to Unknown News,  here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the site, and answers to questions we wish you'd ask instead. Here's our RSS feed, and here's some unknown news you might have missed. If you'd like to say hello or add a comment, here's our email address. And yes, we do sell bumper stickers and other odd stuff.

We assume our readers are well-informed before they click here, so we focus on news that's generally unknown or under-reported. We're generally disinterested in such non-news as reports on what politicians might do, may do, or should do, and we don't usually mention the murders, kidnappings, house fires, auto wrecks, celebrity crap, wacky fluff, and other nonsense that's pushed real news right out of the newscasts.

Disclaimer for dummies:  Our front page is free from nudity, but we make no promise on profanity. If your surfing is monitored this site might not be safe for work, and you may be shocked, offended, or in trouble with your boss. A link doesn't imply that we agree with every sentence and every sentiment on every site we link to. We use our noggins, and suggest you use yours.

We always welcome comments from readers, and we're especially interested in hearing and considering different perspectives, so please don't be shy. All we ask is that you conduct yourself sanely and civilly, so consider yourself invited to speak your mind. Our email address and other info is on our contact page.

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